As the basis of this Privacy Policy; responsible for data Pideks in his capacity as baked goods, food, tourism, construction, trade and Industry Company Limited (hereinafter “Pidex referred to as”),In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on protection of personal data

 1. In which your personal data we collect, how it is used and with whom we share your personal data pidex the collected data can

 2. What are your rights and demands, you can direct us in relation to your data being processed, explains how you can use these rights.

 I. The processing of your personal data

 1. We process your personal data and your personal data is handled goal

You or third parties or be mandatory for the protection of the rights of use of the property, subject to the basic rights and freedoms of you pidex harm the legitimate interests of processing your personal data for reasons such as the necessity of the presence; in order to obtain the highest benefit from the products or services the company is offering, the management of related processes, to protect the credibility of our brand, customer relationship management, processes management, customer satisfaction activities planning and execution, and tracking of customer demands and complaints of the customers making the financial risks for the identification of activities, monitoring of business finance and accounting, legal and business transactions of the planning and execution of the following business activities business activities of the effectiveness/efficiency/timeliness analysis of the implementation of the execution of the activities, the execution of the activities necessary in order to ensure continuity of business, corporate communications activities, processes, activities company company procedures and/or operational activities in accordance with relevant legislation for the execution of the management, secure the safety of the company's operations, strategic planning activities, the planning and execution of production and operation processes, product and services sales and marketing research and Sunday for the execution of marketing activities,

Café/Restaurant, Visitors Security Camera Footage     Likely to happen any act in violation of the law, or behavior is primarily a crime against you, our employees, and our company will not process this information in order to ensure the safety of other third parties.
Cafe/Restaurant Customer Security camera image identification information (name, surname, contact information (requested service/Process, if required by address, mobile phone, work phone Or e-mail) to record a visual (Photo, your photo is printed in a product if you decide to order) Shopping information, shopping, date, time, quantity, content, payment methods, billing information, etc.), financial information (bank account or credit card information) Marketing/sales our activities regarding the conclusion of our contracts, organizing your bills, your orders will be sent to your address, payment receipt, if you are contacting us, that we may resolve your complaint or problem you contacted and when necessary in relation to the execution of the contract within the general scope with regard to goods/ services purchase sales processes and sales support services, we will process your data for the purposes of the conduct of business finance and accounting.
Product/ Service We've Delivered The Third Person Identity information (name, surname, contact information (address, cell phone, or work phone number) Be sent to the address you have submitted your orders to our commitment regarding the fulfilment of any obligation arising under the contract within the general scope of the fulfillment of goods/ services purchase, sales and after-sales support processes, we will process this data for the purposes of the execution of services.
Cafe/Restaurant Customers To Our Internet Users  Identity information (name, surname) contact information (e-mail, mobile phone number) Process Safety Information (IP address, MAC address, mobile phone number) Public use under the regulation of the internet, content providers or any statutory obligation, subject to due to our criminal prevent access if you have access in order to perform the detection of unlawful acts, cyber-security, to ensure that in addition to all this, we process your data for the purposes of the execution of product and service marketing activities.
They complain and demand iletenl Identity information (name, surname), contact information (e-mail, cell phone and/or business phone number) call center voice recording information on all kinds of complaints and requests Call center quality standards and the interviews of Service/Customer Relations and ensure the security of all transaction processes to better manage, track and report, we will process your data for such purposes as to be able to.

2. Our method of handling and transferring of personal data processed, our policy

To provide you with much better service to our customers to be able to offer you certain products and services on quality standards, improve ourselves to be able to listen to suggestions and complaints, to keep you informed of all our promotions and discounts that you have been clearly stated above and for the purposes of data processing; cafe-restaurant to visit if you are visiting your CCTV security camera system automatic image recording method if you are visiting our website and fill out the form automatically with suggestions and feedback, cafe - restaurant, if you are connecting to our collective our internet service provider, the form should be forwarded automatically with the physical environment, the cafe-restaurant social media channels, e-mail or through the call center pidex you provide to any order forms, reservation forms, application forms, requests and complaints upon us in sharing your personal data; 20 of the Constitution. § 3. Article 5 of the law with paragraph 6698. and 6. upon receipt of your consent to comply with the conditions stipulated in articles by legitimate purpose in accordance with either automatic or non-automatic methods we are processing.

We have committed to the text and present the data as determined by the lighting the privacy policy objectives and appropriate information security measures that will not be used outside the scope by taking the process with the record store.

 Our legal obligations your Personally Identifiable Information as required by Law No. 6698 6698 and abide by the basic principles prescribed by Article 8 of the law. and 9. the conditions and for the purposes specified in articles for the processing of personal data; law enforcement, public institutions (export the document of interest and related to the poet and the answer fulfill our obligations to exercise our legal rights such as rights and the case in order to be able pidex the information requested from law enforcement agencies and organizations), with the special people in charge, our business partners and our service providers (such as shipping, database, consulting, etc. service firms, our legal counsel), if you make your payment with your credit card, your credit card information, related to the bank's electronic payment provider, etc. we may transfer your data to third parties who provide the service. However, your personal data as required by the above-mentioned activities and related regulations, not contrary to the law in order to gain a profit in any way except to use or share with third parties we will not.

And again with the scope above and for the above purposes, your personal data within and outside the country in the event the security of personal data transfer to third parties that we do in order to ensure the necessary administrative, technical and legal measures will be taken we cannot guarantee it.

3. Personal Data Protection Policy

The protection of your personal data is very important and in the loss of any right to Pidex, we demonstrate the sensitivity necessary to avoid giving rise to a breach of law. In this context, your personal data from unauthorized access or Pidex such information from loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, or destruction takes appropriate precautions to protect.

 In addition, we wish to emphasize; to keep confidential your personal data, necessary for the safety and privacy to provide physical, technical and administrative, and we are committed to take all necessary measures to demonstrate due diligence.

 Even though it takes information security measures required by us at our website, the production and operational activities as a result of the attacks on the systems that we use in managing our personal data get into the hands of third parties, or damage to, this shall be notified to you immediately and the personal data protection board; and the necessary measures will be taken.


 In the process of protecting your personal data “personal data owner,” as always, to be informed about your personal data, this data access, Amendment, correction or deletion request to know whether you have the right to request and were used for many purposes. Article 11 of this law 6698 your rights. the item is clearly arranged and the full text of the article is presented below.

 Rights of the person concerned

Article 11- (1) Everyone, concerning himself, by contacting the data manager;

A) if the personal data has been processed learning

b) if personal data is processed, to claim knowledge of it,

c) purposes of processing personal data and whether learning is used according to their purpose, (C) your personal data is transferred within or outside the country, the knowledge of third parties,

d) where the personal data is processed missing or incorrectly, if you ask for them to be corrected, 12305

e) within the framework of the conditions prescribed in Article 7 to the destruction or deletion of your personal data,ask

f) (d) and (e) transactions in accordance with paragraphs, personal data transferred to third parties requesting to be notified of,

g) by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems, one against one's self, the result of the appeal,

G) in case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data has the right to ask for damages to be fixed.”

Within the framework of this right; pidex of “Meydankavaği Mah. 1563 No:4/14 Muratpaşa/Antalya” in writing to the address or electronic mail address with your signature our e-mail address, you can apply by sending a mail to.

 In the case of requiring an additional cost to your application for these purposes, Personal Data Protection Board in the fee schedule to be determined by the amount you may have to pay. Your application is located on your demands, pidex your application as soon as it is received no later than 30 (thirty) days will be concluded.

 6698 law and your rights regarding your data with your personal data under the relevant legislation if you want to get detailed information about the Web page of the personal data protection authority ( can visit.


Pidex, may make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. These changes modified the new terms and/or policies shall take immediate effect upon posting on the site. In the case of such a change, the necessary information will be valuable to our clients.